Integrated ESG approach

As asset managers, we assume great responsibility for advancing sustainable development in the real estate market.

ESG Real Estate Strategy

At DEAS Asset Management, we are dedicated to maintaining values and securing responsible financial growth by addressing our concerns for the future today. We believe that a systematic and informed approach to identifying and managing ESG issues across a real estate portfolio will protect, and can significantly enhance, investment value. Agile measurement tools of a property’s resource usage, combined with performance objectives, will enable us to reduce our sector’s impact on climate and environment.

Focus areas for change

We have selected four areas of change to focus our efforts and actively participate in a sustainable development of the Nordic commercial real estate market:

  1. Changing climate and environment
  2. Changing demography
  3. Changing technology
  4. Changing demands for governance, engagement and transparency

ESG Real Estate Policy

We have several instruments to integrate ESG concerns into our real estate investment activities. This is how we consider the ESG risks associated with real estate asset management.

Investment Strategy & Process

  • Safeguarding and enhancing risk-adjusted returns by proactively addressing material ESG risk factors when acquiring, managing and disposing of assets.
  • Identify and capture opportunities to deliver positive outcomes and solutions without detriment to investment performance.
  • Challenge our clients and agreeing on specific long-term targets to set direction.

Capability & Collaboration

  • Sharing of knowledge, skills and insights on relevant ESG factors across all functions.
  • Considering ESG as a dimension of role descriptions, performance management and continued professional development.
  • Actively participate in tackling ESG challenges through collaboration with clients and industry partners.

Transparency & Integrity

  • Being transparent and persuasive when communicating our ESG strategy, approach and performance with clients and stakeholders.
  • Staying connected to clients and occupiers on their ESG thinking, making sure that products and solutions are aligned with their ambitions.
  • Having a formal governance structure securing compliance with the ESG strategy.

Requirements of the Disclosures Regulation

In accordance with the Disclosures Regulation's requirements for transparency, DEAS Asset Management complies with a well-defined sustainability policy in all financial products and services that we, as an AIFM-approved partner, provide to our clients. The policy applies to our activities in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.