DEAS Group CEO Rikke Lykke makes next strategic move: Sharp talents to strengthen innovation

Group CEO Rikke Lykke has established a new digital unit in the DEAS Group and appointed sharp talents for the task. The goal is for DEAS to head the field, says the CEO about the latest recruitments.

Nadim Stub will take over as group vice president, Digital Ventures & Partnerships, on 1 January 2022. On 1 November 2021, Allan Andersen Christensen joined as group vice president of the Analytics & Automation team, and Peter Holm Lauridsen has been appointed senior automation manager.

Nadim Stub, Peter Holm Lauridsen, Rikke Lykke and Allan Andersen Christensen

We want to be the best – also digitally – and we want to challenge the status quo and use digital innovation to take DEAS to a new level. We’ve now appointed the best team with just the right profiles who can make the most of all the digital opportunities and, not least, create digital concepts that support our investors,

says Rikke Lykke, Group CEO at DEAS.

The task of the new digital unit will thus be to work with the digital potential and products, including automation and data.

The ultimate goal is to improve the service and advice we provide to our investors and tenants. By minimising our manual, administrative processes by means of automation, we can free up resources among our employees to provide even better service and advice,

says Rikke Lykke.

A goldmine of data

With more than 2,600 properties under management, DEAS has a comprehensive database of historical knowledge about properties and their operation throughout Denmark at its fingertips. The digital unit must focus on transforming this data into new knowledge. 

Using our systems, we’re able to access a goldmine of data and information that needs to be brought into play even more, so that we create new knowledge and ensure transparency for investors and tenants alike. This will make a real difference in the advice we offer to customers, but also with regard to our social responsibility,

says Rikke Lykke.

Peter Holm Lauridsen, Allan Andersen Christensen, Nadim Stub, Group CEO Rikke Lykke

Strong talents to drive digital innovation

On 1 January 2022, Nadim Stub will take over as group vice president, Digital Ventures & Partnerships, after working as CEO of PropTech Denmark for the past three years. Nadim will bring business and product insights to the role in terms of creating innovation with new technologies and digital concepts.

Properties must to a greater extent support the way we live and beyond just providing a framework for our lives – but also digitally.
The speed with which digital tools are being adopted is creating much higher demands for a property’s value proposition, such as increased personification and customer experiences, greater flexibility and productivity, and thus also higher profitability, while digitalisation is simultaneously fostering ambitious initiatives for the green transition.
These trends require that DEAS thinks in terms of new products and innovative service models that will significantly revise the existing business model for property ownership and operation. In short, we expect to develop exciting concepts that benefit residents, investors and partners,

says our new group vice president Nadim Stub.

New group vice president Nadim Stub

Allan Andersen Christensen and Peter Holm Lauridsen bring with them extensive knowledge and experience of working with automation, analytics and BI, which can support DEAS’s work and processes. 

Group Vice President Allan Andersen Christensen has extensive experience of working with change processes in companies operating at the crossroads between business, IT and data. Most recently, he has been a business practice partner in the IT company DXC Technology.

There is considerable potential in pursuing a data-driven approach, and this is what we are now going to realise. Our customers are increasingly demanding insights into the database for their portfolios, and we also see exciting opportunities in processing and making data available. At the same time, automating business processes is key to taking DEAS to the next level. It will both improve response times and release capacity for innovation,

says Group Vice President Allan Andersen Christensen.

Senior Automation Manager Peter Holm Lauridsen comes from a position as senior digital transformation consultant, also at DXC Technology. He possesses, among other things, insights into adopting robotic process automation (RPA) and analytical technologies in companies.


Published 16. November 2021