Previous headquarters of successful Danish travel agency revitalised: Historic property innovatively refurbished to meet modern business needs

Former home of the leading Danish travel agency Spies Rejser, Nyropsgade 39 is located in downtown Copenhagen. Unfettered by development norms PenSam pension fund and property manager DEAS Asset Management have created an atypical office building with a creative atmosphere intended for use 24/7.

In June 2020 PenSam purchased the former hotel and theatre at Nyropsgade 39 from PROARK  before commencing comprehensive changes in its almost 5,500 m2 , with DEAS Asset Management chosen to oversee the property’s development. From the get-go, the aim was to create more life in the city and to give the property a green profile to attract new tenants and produce better returns in the long term. 

Having such a perfect location in the centre of Copenhagen is a big responsibility. Motivated by a desire to give something back to the city we wanted to avoid yet another empty office building after hours. Our dream is to make Nyropsgade sustainable on multiple levels while fitting in with the city by generating greater general access and interaction between users and the residents of Copenhagen

explains Jeppe Starup, Head of Private Capital and Real Assets, PenSam.

A blend of work life and leisure time

The ground floor has been significantly remodelled to accommodate a mixture of new functions. During the day it serves as a reception and waiting area for visitors but will also sport a café opening in November 2022  for not only tenants but also the public. People renting office space will also have the option of joining a lunch scheme there.

Multi-purpose conference rooms will be available in the cellar, which will also house a new restaurant and café called Kolme after workhours, with evening events at Bremen Theatre heightening the atmosphere. Other previous storage areas in the cellar will host intimate concerts and private dining in unique decors. The building’s remaining six floors will boast bright and modern office space ranging from 785 to 2,991 m2.

This setup allows tenants to book rooms for meetings during the day as well as use the adjacent auditorium for conferences or townhall  meetings. In other words Kolme’s large bar area and the foyer of Bremen Theatre will offer the perfect setting for private after-work get-togethers, while other space is ideal for theatre events, dinner parties and sharing a pint at the bar in the evening or on weekends.

Unique style and atmosphere

Jointly with the current tenant of Bremen Theatre the partners have further developed the style and atmosphere of the décor at Bremen’s other venue, Hotel Cecil, and its own Natbar, capturing their inclusive, creative vibe. 

This framework is of course not for everyone, and some potential tenants have declined to lease space due to concerns about whether things will become too informal. The vast majority, however, can definitely see the value of working in a building filled with life around the clock and of the building’s unique history, not to mention the creative atmosphere this creates

clarifies Kasper Bagger Clausen, Asset Manager, DEAS Asset Management. 

Rental contracts have been signed for over half of the office space and negotiations are underway for the remainder.

Thinking outside the box like this is filled with challenges but a necessity when the aim is to produce new synergies between the office segment and the entertainment industry. And  the project has clearly only succeed due to our excellent partnership with Bremen Theatre, which also understands the value of investing in new opportunities

adds Kasper Ørsnes Larsen, Senior Development Manager, DEAS Asset Management. 

Energy savings a top priority

The project has also taken saving on resources  into consideration by investing in district cooling for the entire building, with seawater used to help produce the cooling and air-conditioning. This solution is not only noiseless but saves space and reduces CO2 emissions markedly.

PenSam prioritises sustainable construction and one of its strategic goals is to certify 20% of its property portfolio by 2025. As a result the property on Nyropsgade is undergoing Green Building Council Denmark certification for Buildings in Use.

Restaurant Kolme and Café to open their doors in November 2022.


Published 14. September 2022


Kasper Ørsnes Larsen

Senior Development Manager
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