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The Norwegian transparency act

DEAS and the Norwegian transparency act

DEAS Group's Norwegian entities DEAS Asset Management Holding Norway AS, DEAS Asset Management Norway AS and DEAS Fund Management AS (AIFM) as well as property funds managed by the AIFM are subject to the Norwegian Transparency Act, which entered into force 1 July 2022. Social sustainability is embedded in DEAS Group values and the way we work. We believe that a systematic and informed approach to identifying and managing ESG issues across a real estate portfolio will protect and can significantly enhance investment value.

The commitment to promote and respect fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in DEAS supply chain is reinforced by the DEAS Code of Conduct, which applies to all employees and people working on behalf of DEAS.

DEAS' is working systematically to meet the requirements under the Transparency Act. Human rights due diligence is a dynamic and continuous work. As a first phase, DEAS will carry out an overall risk analysis of our operations and supply chain, with associated mapping of our supply chain, and design of a guidance that will serve as DEAS's roadmap for ensuring compliance with the Act.

The work will form the basis for reporting on DEAS due diligence assessments. The report will be published and available by 30 June 2023.

DEAS responds to inquiries related to the DEAS group and our supply chain. If you have any questions with regard to DEAS work under the Transparency Act, please submit a request to:

Senior Compliance manager Torbjørn Sætre tors@deas-asset.com.

Please specify the request as much as possible. DEAS will respond to the request within 3 weeks, or at the latest within 2 months.

DEAS Asset Management’s report on the Transparency Act 2023

In the first link below you can find DEAS Asset Management’s report on the Transparency Act 2023. The report is only available in Norwegian.

Torbjørn Sætre
Torbjørn Sætre
Senior Compliance Manager

ESG real estate strategy and policy

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