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Welcome to DEAS Asset Management

We are a dynamic company with approximately 100 specialists located throughout the Nordics. We work closely together to provide relevant services and solutions across borders and needs.

We believe in fostering a positive work culture where we share success and help each other tackle challenges. Our business is rapidly evolving, and we encourage innovative thinking, taking calculated risks, and being agile and curious.

From construction sites to boardrooms

We seek talents who possess a strategic mindset and the ability to execute effectively, of course combined with a caring approach. Our professional staff must be equally comfortable engaging with investors, understanding their mandates and being in touch with market players and, not least, tenants.

In short, you must have the ability to navigate both the construction site and the boardroom.

Access to a vast network and in-depth knowledge

As part of DEAS Asset Management, you gain access to our extensive network of experts and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market. This provides you and our investors with a competitive edge and the ability to identify the best property opportunities. Our expertise and experience help investors make better-informed decisions, optimise their returns, and minimise risks.

Our team consists of dedicated specialists in various fields

Fund managers are responsible for managing various regulated funds, known as alternative investment funds or AIFs, on behalf of investors. They define the strategy of the funds and ensure portfolio performance in compliance with applicable regulations.

Asset managers work on behalf of investors to maximise property values and investor returns. They optimise, analyse, and strategically manage property operations, ensuring higher value and returns for investors.

Investment managers are accountable for portfolio performance and defining the strategy of portfolios. They identify the best investment opportunities and ensure that portfolios aligs with investor goals and risk profiles.

Developers identify development opportunities to build new properties or renovate existing ones in an investors' portfolio. They oversee the entire process, from creative ideation to practical project execution. Their work focuses on sustainability and delivering value to our investors and the environment.

Transaction managers oversee and coordinate property transactions on behalf of investors. This includes managing the practical aspects of buying and selling agreements. Transaction managers also provide strategic advice to investors regarding their investment strategies.

Analysts play a crucial role in analysing and evaluating property investments. They contribute fundamental data and insights that help develop and implement investment strategies for investors. In essence, they provide investors with a solid foundation for making critical decisions.


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