A focused asset management offer for investors

Investor Services


With Investor Services, we offer tailored representation solutions for investors and management of interests.

DEAS Asset Management has a strong track record in handling asset management for investors and with us you get professional investor representation.

As an investor, you will find that collaboration with us is straightforward and efficient, with communication and reporting facilitated through one or a few dedicated points of contact.

Investor Services

Let us solve these tasks for you


Participation in board meetings

We’ll make your voice heard, collaborate effectively and shape strategic decisions that drive success.


Execution of follow-up board work

Turning strategy into action by implementing decisions, tracking progress, and ensuring accountability.


Attendance at general assemblies

We’ll represent your interests as an investor by the mandate given to us.


Preparation of meetings and reporting

Keeping things on track and delivering insightful reports that drive business success.


Monitoring and execution of projects and operations

Drive your initiatives forward, ensuring seamless project delivery and optimal operational performance.

A focused asset management offer for investors

In certain situations, an investor may not require full asset management, but rather professional assistance in managing some of the obligations associated with property ownership or a property portfolio.

This can apply when a property does not require active asset management, yet there is a commitment to representation within the property. This scenario is often relevant in property associations, homeowner associations or parking cooperatives, where an investor might need to participate, possibly as a chairman, to ensure the smooth functioning of the association and protect investor rights.

DEAS Asset Management offers to represent investors' interests within these associations, handling general assemblies, engaging in dialogue with other property owners, maintaining ongoing correspondence, participating in board meetings, and liaising with administrators in alignment with the association's bylaws and as mandated by the investor.

The extent of the mandate granted to DEAS Asset Management is at the full discretion of the investor, including the authorization to make financial decisions on behalf of the investor. Typically, DEAS Asset Management is authorized to manage the day-to-day operations of the properties and implement initiatives previously approved by the investor with financial or binding implications.

Investor Services are relevant for both new and existing investors. This service will alleviate investors of tasks in which DEAS Asset Management specializes, allowing investors to channel their time and expertise towards other activities.

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