Press release October 18

The first homes are ready in a new residential area in Slagelse

DEAS Asset Management is now receiving, on behalf of PFA Ejendomme, the first 38 completed homes in the brand-new and modern residential area "Kvægtorvet" in Slagelse.

For decades, the area north of the station in the heart of Slagelse was characterized by its gasworks, factories, and a large slaughterhouse. Now, the new extensive residential area "Kvægtorvet" is beginning to take shape on the historic industrial grounds.

Here, PFA Ejendomme is constructing 324 DGNB gold-certified homes for both families and young individuals. DEAS Asset Management is the developer and construction consultant on the project, and the first 38 family homes are now completed and ready for occupancy.

"It is an incredibly exciting task to develop an entirely new and modern residential area like Kvægtorvet, which will exude life in the heart of Slagelse. The goal has been to create a residential area that combines architecture, community, and green spaces. We are proud to see our visions becoming a reality. Slagelse is undergoing an exciting development in these years, including a growing number of students, and we can see that there is already significant interest in the homes at Kvægtorvet," says Peter Voergaard, Development Manager, DEAS Asset Management.

A residential area for generations

For PFA Ejendomme, it is essential to meet the increasing demand for homes for young students while also creating an area that accommodates families, young individuals, and seniors.

"It is gratifying to see the first completed homes because it shows that DEAS is in the process of realizing our visions for the area with responsible solutions and a strong focus on ESG. Our goal with Kvægtorvet is to create a unique residential area that will bring the generations of Slagelse together, and that goal is well on its way. Now, the next many exciting stages of construction await, and we look forward to seeing the first residents move into their new homes," says Michael Bruhn, Property Director, PFA.

In addition to the 324 homes, PFA Ejendomme is also building 32 senior homes in collaboration with OK-Fonden, a senior co-housing community with 30 homes and a common house, as well as a free-nursing-home with 75 homes.

All homes in "Kvægtorvet" are expected to be completed by the summer of 2024.


  • 324 homes

  • Housing sizes range from 32 m2 to 108 m2 with 1-4 rooms in each unit.

  • DGNB gold-certified by the Council for Sustainable Construction

  • Investors:

    • PFA Ejendomme.

  • Partners:

    • Developer and Construction Consultant: DEAS Asset Management

    • Total Contractor: Jorton A/S

    • Architect: AART (Mangor & Nagel)

    • Consulting Engineers: ABC

    • Slagelse Municipality

Press contact

Christian Lundsfryd, Communication Advisor, DEAS Group

+45 42 48 34 31,

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