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Asset and Investment Management

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Elevating Asset and Investment Management for investors and tenants

Our services provide investors with full transparency and a dedicated team possessing excellent skills within transaction and advisory services, asset management, and development and sustainability.

We continuously work to advance and adapt, developing new digital solutions to improve efficiency, response times, and data-driven decisions, ultimately optimizing service to our investors and tenants.

Asset and Investment Management

What sets our services apart


Highly experienced partner

We bring extensive experience and expertise throughout the real estate value chain.


Nordic coverage, local knowledge

Our deep understanding of both the Nordic and Danish markets ensures effective management tailored to the local context.


Sustainability incorporated

We integrate sustainability into our strategies and real estate development activities.


Contemporary and innovative

We prioritise digital and commercial innovation to design cutting-edge products and services.


Best practice processes

Our proven and audited processes, including investment committee, valuation committee, and risk and compliance reporting, ensure quality and compliance.

Solutions for domestic, Nordic, and international investors

Our commitment to full transparency and dedicated teams ensures expertise in all areas of asset management.

You gain access to relevant knowledge, benchmarks, and leading practice solutions, empowering your investment decisions. We value short response times and high-quality customer service and continuously strive for improvement by measuring tenant satisfaction and engaging in open dialogue to ensure the success of your portfolio.

Moreover our long-standing partnerships with investors demonstrate unwavering reliability.

Key Characteristics

We conduct in-depth assessments to analyze the performance of your assets and cash flow. This helps us identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

We employ SWOT analysis techniques to assist in strategic decision making. By examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your investments, we provide valuable insights to guide your choices.

Our team develops customized asset management plans tailored to your specific investment goals. We ensure that these plans are meticulously executed to maximize returns and minimize risks.

With our extensive experience, we actively participate in acquisition opportunities and coordinate divestment processes. Our goal is to ensure smooth transactions and optimize outcomes for your investments.

We assist in formulating effective leasing strategies and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to enhance occupancy rates, rental income, and overall property performance.

When it comes to divestments, we work closely with you to develop strategic plans and coordinate sales processes. Our focus is on achieving the best possible outcomes for your investments.

We prioritize optimising return drivers such as rental income, occupancy rates, and churn. By employing data-driven strategies, we aim to enhance profitability and overall investment performance.

Our team conducts accurate and reliable valuations internally or through external coordination. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the value of your assets.

We handle negotiations with existing commercial tenants, seeking mutually beneficial agreements and optimizing rental contracts for long-term success.

Our team engages in negotiations with potential new tenants to secure favorable lease agreements and attract high-quality tenants to your properties.

We assist in preparing investment approvals, providing detailed analysis and supporting documentation to facilitate informed decision-making.

We meticulously collect and analyze performance data to track the progress of your investments. This helps us identify trends and provide valuable insights for strategic planning.

Our services extend to corporate asset management, offering comprehensive solutions to efficiently manage your entire portfolio.

We collaborate and coordinate with external business partners to ensure seamless operations and maximize the potential of your investments.

From conversion projects to expansions, we oversee the development of properties to meet your objectives and align with market demands.

We closely monitor the status of major development, construction, maintenance, and lease facilities. This ensures that projects progress smoothly and are maintained to the highest standards.

We provide comprehensive reporting to lenders, ensuring transparent and accurate communication regarding the performance of your investments.

We offer thorough and transparent reporting to fund managers, investment managers, and investors. This includes providing key figures, benchmarks, and assessments of corrective actions to keep you well-informed about the progress and success of your investments.


Our aim

Empowering your portfolio

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive suite of services that address every aspect of asset and investment management. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we strive to drive success and deliver optimal outcomes for your portfolio.

Contact our team

Asset and Investment Management


Anette Grotum

Managing Director DEAS Asset Management Denmark and Head of Asset Management, Nordics. Contact on mobile: +45 2814 2828

Lars Rau

Lars Rau Brysting

Head of Asset Management, Denmark. Contact on mobile: +45 2790 1265


Dag Konrad Ellinggard

Head of Asset Management Norway. Contact on mobile: +47 9574 7115


Jonas Östlund

Head of Asset Management and Transactions Sweden. Contact on mobile: +46 7034 24973


Johanna Saarivuo

Head of Asset Management Finland. Contact on mobile: +35 85 03 66 91 52