Development and Space Planning

Unlocking growth opportunities

Our development team has an eye for development potentials, both within existing portfolios when working closely together with our asset management team on unused building rights and opportunities for conversion of use and in identifying brown and green field developments.

We identify and execute on potential development opportunities, both within your existing portfolio and as potential add-ons to the portfolio.

We leverage our broad and in-depth knowledge of tenants, the market- and the buildings to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.


Comprehensive knowledge

What sets our services apart?

As we typically handle other services within the portfolio, we possess in-depth knowledge about the tenants, market- and buildings, allowing us to make informed decisions and recommendations regarding Development and Space Planning.

Streamlining portfolio growth

We service investors with large portfolios who may lack the internal resources to identify development potential across their entire portfolio.

We address the specific problem of resource constraints and offer our expertise and resources to screen for and identify development opportunities.


  • Screening of properties and presenting a comprehensive business plan outlining development opportunities.

  • Planning and zoning activities to ensure compliance with regulations and maximise development potential.

  • Execution of the development plan, including managing construction, permits and project coordination.


Space Planning

Optimise your properties and create inspiring environments

We provide data-driven Space Planning with a proactive approach

Steen Amstrup
Steen Amstrup
Senior Director