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Transaction and Advisory Services

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We provide end-to-end solutions for real estate transactions with a structured and service-minded approach.

Our primary goal is to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled during the due diligence process and to act as a commercial partner, facilitating smooth communication with relevant parties.

As part of DEAS Group, which is a full-service group with over 1,000 real estate specialists, we have the scale and extensiveknow-how to provide end-to-end solutions for ourinvestors.

We also have the ability to co-invest, allowing us to align our interests with those of our clients.

We service local investors, foreign and institutional investors, funds, and family offices. In addition to a proven track record, our team also brings complementary skills in strategy, investmen- and financing.

3 key benefits for our investors

  • End-to-End Solutions: We offer a comprehensive range of services from sourcing investment opportunities to negotiating and closing transactions, providing our investors with a seamless and efficient transaction experience.

  • Fulfillment of Requirements: We ensure that all necessary due diligence and commercial advisory processes are managed effectively, minimising risks and maximising opportunities for our clients.

  • Market Overview: Our investors benefit from our expertise and insights, allowing them to gain a comprehensive overview of the Danish real estate market and investment opportunities.

A comprehensive suite of services

End-to-End Investment Solutions: Sourcing, underwriting, negotiation, due diligence, advisory, and scalable Strategies for Nordic markets:

  • Sourcing of investment opportunities

  • Underwriting of business cases

  • Negotiation with sell-side/broker, including preparing non-binding offers (NBO) and letters of intent (LOI)

  • Managing the due diligence process and providing commercial advisory services

  • Commercial due diligence reporting

  • Advisory services, including market views and investment strategies

  • Negotiation of sale and purchase agreements (SPA)

  • Ability to scale investment strategies across the Nordics


Proven success in real estate transactions

20+ successful deals in Denmark

Since the establishment of Transaction and Advisory Services in 2021, we have successfully assisted clients with more than 20 real estate transactions in Denmark. These transactions highlight our expertise and ability to deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

Kim Niklas Beck
Kim Niklas Beck
Head of Transactions & Advisory Services, Nordic
Jonas Östlund
Jonas Östlund
Head of Asset Management and Transactions
Kristoffer Lunde
Kristoffer Lunde
Head of Transactions Norway
Henrik Eskolin
Henrik Eskolin
Head of Transactions Finland