Our history

DEAS Asset Management is a part of the DEAS Group, owned by Montagu Private Equity, a leading European private equity firm. The firm was established in 2013 to hold the asset management activities of the DEAS Group, which is based on Danish pension funds and has been providing real estate services to a broad range of Danish and international investors through the last +30 years.

Enhancing the company's value proposition

Over the years, the DEAS Group has been strengthening DEAS Asset Management on Danish soil, e.g. with the acquisition of Nordea Ejendomme in 2018 and a number of experienced and capable profiles through-out the years enhancing the company’s value proposition. We are a culture-driven company with highly skilled employees. And in 2020, the DEAS Group sought a broader expansion to the Nordic countries as Aberdeen Standard Investments partnered with the DEAS Group. 

Expanding into the Nordic market

The DEAS Group’s acquisition of the Nordic direct real estate business of Aberdeen Standard Investments and the future cooperation follows a broader Nordic strategy focusing on pursuing growth opportunities in all four markets.

Above all, our prime focus is on creating strong investment results for our investors. Our intention is to establish a pan-Nordic full-service provider within real estate, that offers execution in all stages of the value chain for investors.

Skills and dedication

We believe that the best results are created by professionally skilled and dedicated people, and DEAS Asset Management will build on local expertise and best practice throughout the Nordic region, creating strong results for our investors in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.


Strong services

We offer full end-to-end
service across the
real estate value chain.

What we offer